''Our mission is to satisfy the food lover''


what  is  khaanpan

KHAANPAN is online food ordering food platform from Street shop, Thela and Home made eatables, we offer you 24*7 services with quality food. Late night order with minimum order of rs 75/-. We enables Street shop/Thela/Home made eatables to become visible in the era of technology and provides them an identity for their development. We are a team of troubleshooters with young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Our only motive is to satisfy the foody.

KHAANPAN will provide Street shop/Thela/Home made eatables review by which foody can select their best destination. Our motive is based mainly on ensuring customers know about the online existence and the quality service(s) of Street shop/thela/Home made eatables .


what  make  khaanpan  special ?

We focused very heavily on making KHAANPAN the most extensive and convenient for the people. As KHAANPAN helps in satisfying the foodie by providing the food at their door step in minimum amount of time with quality food in reasonable price. We provides review about the THELA so that the foodie can know better about the TASTE and QUALITY of food of a particular THELA. KHAANPAN is building a block for the economic developement of the THELA owner's.